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Simba Potato Chips - Mrs H.S Balls Chutney 120g

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Simba Potato Chips - Mrs H.S Balls Chutney 120g

Simba has always been Mzansi's favourite chip.The taste of Mzansi. That's why our Simba Chip Masters make sure that every single chip in every Simba packet Roarrrs with just as much flavour as the people who eat them. People like you.

Mmm! We're all for flavours Mzansi loves, and we've got a flavour for all so grab a bag and come ROARRR with us!

Ingredients :

Potatoes, refined vegetable oil (palm fruit & maize germ) with antioxidant (TBHQ), corn flour, salt, acidity regulators (E330, E262), sugar, vegetable powders (onion, garlic), MSG [flavour enhancer (E621)], caramel powder [E150(c)], spices (irradiated), fruit powder, anticaking agent (E551), vegetable oil (sunflower seed), maltodextrin, colourants [E110, E122, E124, E133, E160(c)], flavourings (soya, wheat gluten), dextrose, flavour enhancers (E631, E627), sodium saccharin [(E954) non-nutritive sweetener], aspartame* [(E951) non-nutritive sweetener
Contains phenylalanine.

Warning: This product contains one or more colourants that may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children .

Allergens :
  • Contains soya, wheat gluten.Contains phenylalanine, Contains barley gluten
Nutritional Facts :

Per 100g: Energy 2203kj Protein 7.4g Fat 35g Saturated Fat 13.6g Carbohydrates 46g Sugars 0.7g Sodium 495mg Fibre 4.8g .


A South African Food Brand

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